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Grupo Campezo

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Looking to the future

Our pioneering spirit has enabled us to advance firmly, becoming a consolidated group which continues looking to the future.

With our mentality of anticipating the future, a philosophy committed to innovation and constant evolution, GRUPO CAMPEZO is continuously growing.

Areas of Activity

The Group's principal areas of activity are civil engineering works, road surfaces and pavements, technology and integral conservation, management of infrastructures, the environment, quarries and gravel pits, and the restoration of facades and buildings.

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Grupo Campezo


Calle Antonio Valverde 2, 20014 Donostia - San Sebastián - Tel.: +34 943 44 56 38 - Fax: 943 45 79 98 ⇔ Calle Henao 2, 48009 Bilbao - Tel.: 94 441 72 72 - Fax: 94 441 77 00