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Grupo Campezo

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The Group’s principal work areas are civil engineering works, road surfaces and pavements, technology and integral conservation, infrastructure management, the environment, quarries and gravel pits and the restoration of facades and buildings.

With a strong presence in the Basque Country and in Castilla León the Group carries out its activities through the Group’s own companies, or companies in which it has a shareholding, or through temporary collaborations or joint ventures with other companies, the objective always being to execute the awarded contracts to the highest quality standards.

Over our long history we have always had a clear vocation for development and growth, keen to renovate technologically our equipment and installations, improving the qualification level of our personnel, promoting activities of Research, Development and Innovation and thus ensuring only top line solutions.

All of this is done with the clear objective of satisfying our clients and the people who work with us and to improve the life quality of the surrounding people in general.

Calle Antonio Valverde 2, 20014 Donostia - San Sebastián - Tel.: +34 943 44 56 38 - Fax: 943 45 79 98 ⇔ Calle Henao 2, 48009 Bilbao - Tel.: 94 441 72 72 - Fax: 94 441 77 00